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In Memory Of

Classmates that have recently passed away are updated on our Facebook page and updated on the class rosters.

We want to take this moment to tell the family and friends that you are in our thoughts.

It is our intention to make sure all of you are aware of alumni passing and for you to contact us,, if you know of any that we may have missed.

Class of 1944- Don Reber

Class of 1949-Bill Starks

Class of 1949- Betty Ruth Velasquez Maricle

Class of 1950- Jeanne Johnson Kastens

Class of 1950- Freida Hudgens Schmidt

Class of 1951- Phillip Elliott

Class of 1951- Melvin Phillips

Class of 1953- Lewanna Fox Hill

Class of 1953- Charles Siepel

Class of 1953- Clarice Lee Wilson Walker

Class of 1954- Anna Lee Galloway Scholle

Class of 1959- Janet Durant Highfill

Class of 1960- Linda Lou Hunter Beymer

Class of 1961- Jerry Adkisson

Class of 1961- Ronald W Meyer

Class of 1961- Karen Swafford Williams

Class of 1962- Tom Harmon

Class of 1962- Dean Shaw

Class of 1964- William "Bill" Puls

Class of 1965- Rodney Angle

Class of 1965- Dena Weckworth Endsley

Class of 1968- Billy Clayton

Class of 1969- Cathy Robinson Palermo

Class of 1970- Terry Underwood

Class of 1970- Jeff Wardon

Class of 1971- Pamela Pearce Swanstrom

Class of 1973- David Gardner

Class of 1973- H.D. Mayo

Class of 1974- Ron Armstrong